Big thank you for helping me out! I had a very bad client that kept on threatening me with bad reviews even though we delivered his products as described and even gave him a discount. His review showed up on Google, so I called reputation trojan and they helped me remove the negative review with at a very affordable price. Thanks again Jeff!

Alex Martiso
Designer & Artist

Talented is an understatement. They got my reputation back after some bad press published news articles about my business being fraudulent, which was no where near true. Professional and excellent work!! I was very surprised to what they were capable of doing.

Julius Stivi

They changed my perspective about the internet or as they call it “interwebz”. They got my personal profile to the top of search engines and have been getting referral business ever since. I recommend you try these guys out.

Jessica Mertiol
Real Estate Broker

These guys are star performers! They helped me with so much. They helped me beat my competitors within a few months and got my reputation up. Been getting referral traffic ever since. They are the real deal!

Marc Gostapho
Media Producer

I have been looking for a service like this for ages!! Finally – a service that lives up to the name. Great work and thanks

Richard Jamisun
Creative Director

So helpful, delivered before I expected and they were very transparent in their work. Top of my list for SEO and rep management services. These guys no their business very well.

Jorge Fordan
Web Progammer

Outstanding Experience! Very helpful and quick to respond. Didn’t have any issues with them.

Martha Cority
Account Manager for Ad Agency

Great experience! They completed their job as promised and were very communicative. I recommend you try them out if you need some rep management or seo help.

Christina Hurani
Digital Consultant

Great at their job! They delivered what they promised on time so I am very happy.

Sara Jesima
Writer & Journalist

They did a phenomenal job and answered all our questions very quickly. I have nothing to complain about with them. Highly recommend their services.

James Dinjime
Account Director

I really appreciate what you did for me! Thanks for your hard work fellas!

Tara Uderta
Account Executive

Expert level work and highest professionalism. These guys are the best at what they do! Thanks for helping me get rid of that false shameful client review. My competitors have a new thing coming.

Michael Torben

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