Reputation management is about influence. In the modern era, the term is mostly used when referring to online reputation management. It centers on managing an organization’s reputation in search results and on social media. The first step in managing the brand is to find out what is being said about it (“reputation monitoring”). The goal of monitoring is to find out what people are saying about the brand. This is essential for both large and small companies. The difference between a good reputation and a bad one is the difference between stellar success and abject failure. You cannot afford to ignore negative reviews and feedback.

Managing your reputation on Social Media

The widespread use of social media by consumers has empowered them and taken some of the power of companies away. No longer are companies in full control of their message. Social media has made the task of managing reputation far more difficult for businesses mainly because there are so many voices. Organizations now have a much harder time controlling damage when faced with large amounts of negative comments and complaints.

Tools for reputation monitoring

The most common tools used are non other than Google and Bing Alerts. Both search engines provide these services so that companies can be alerted to new search engine listings that use a particular search term. For example, you could set up an alert for mentions of your company’s name. These alerts are excellent tools and should be used by any business that takes its online reputation seriously. However, they come with serious drawbacks such as the fact that there are areas of the Internet not indexed by Google and Bing. This means that you will not be alerted to some mentions of your company. These areas include conversations on social media as well as some review websites. In other words, DIY rep management services using these tools will simply not be enough.

Why hire us to manage your reputation

Prevent Problems
The main point of monitoring services is to prevent a negative reputation, not just to control damage. When you hire reputation management experts, you are taking a proactive approach to protecting your brand. Management professionals are able to monitor your company’s reputation online via search terms and hashtags. They know how to identify potential problems before they develop into disasters.

Manage Your Crises
In order to minimize damage to your brand, an experienced reputation management team can utilize cutting edge tools and the latest strategies for spotting sources of negative information. They can place the control of your online reputation back in your hands by ensuring that incorrect or unfair information is removed or handled in the right way.

Enhance Brand Engagement
Rep management is an excellent tool for organizations that want to build their brand online. Reputation management uses many of the same strategies that are used to improve brand recognition and can result in a greater number of better-qualified leads that convert at a higher rate.

Reputation management is not merely a buzzword; it is an essential part of building your brand. If you have invested time and money into growing your online influence, proactive reputation management can help to protect that investment from attacks and unfair information.