personal reputation management marylandWe love Maryland! – Reputation management is best explained by first defining reputation. A reputation is the social evaluation of the general idea of the character of a person or business that is conjured when they are evaluated. Reputation professionals are trained to search for reputation-related information – both positive and negative – and work to remove or minimize the damage of incorrect or negative information while organically increasing the viewability of the more positive aspects of a reputation.


Personal Reputation Management

As a location central to the political climate in the U.S., Maryland is a hotspot for negative hits to reputations online. Editing and sharing libellous photos and videos and intentionally encouraging misinformation are just a few examples of how reputations are damaged in D.C., Maryland, and the surrounding area. How does someone check to see if their good name has been hit with anything?

What To Look For?

No longer a laughing matter, the suggestion to “Google oneself” is a serious thing. Investigating to find out what information is out there often pulls up surprising results. Searching by name (and remembering to include variations and nicknames, using quotation marks when necessary) and address are two common ways to locate information about oneself and others. Paying special attention to social media accounts that are unfamiliar, but have stolen personal photos or copied one’s name is of prime importance.

maryland reputation managementFor example, DUI’s or fighting incidents. They often quickly spread via social media at incredible rates, especially in the local network. It’s not always on purpose, however; even the most intelligent people do mistakes. Should one find him or herself in the position of being plastered all over the internet and the victim of defamatory memes, it’s hard to get them removed individually, which is why the knowledge of a team like the crew at Reputation Trojan is invaluable.

Correcting Misinformation and Removing Correct Negative Information

Contacting the people in charge of the site where the negative information is posted is the best way to get the bad marks removed…unless that information is true. Many times, if the information is true and not libellous, freedom of speech means the site owners can choose to leave it up. This doesn’t always happen, but if it does, there are ways to ethically and organically help to downplay the importance and ranking of negative information by using strategic tools and tactful strategies.


Maryland Reputation Management for Business

Even if a person isn’t interested – or worried – about their personal reputation online, they may be concerned about a business they own. Being proactive and protecting your name is much better than fixing it once someones tries to attack your reputation. Following the same steps as above, it’s easy to locate information about a business entity, but isn’t always so simple to get it removed or corrected in a timely manner – and when information that is hazardous to a career and reputation, it needs to be taken down, time is of the essence, especially in this state known historically for igniting reputation management experts marylandupheaval and change.

Reputation Trojan Makes it Easy!

With over 15 years of experience in online marketing strategies and reputation management, the experts at Reputation Trojan are trained and ready to help handle even the most stubborn online reputation correction, management and monitoring projects. For businesses and personal reputations, the safest hands are Trojan hands.