A company’s reputation or brand image is so closely linked to its performance and profitability that it has been a major concern of businesses since the beginning of commerce. The Information Age has accelerated business processes and improved opportunities for organizations to build stronger relationships with their customers. However, these opportunities come with some risks. The same tools that allow businesses to inform vast numbers of prospective clients about their products, services or ideas are the same ones that can expose companies to negative feedback about their offerings or customer service. The answer to this dilemma is not to give up on digital marketing mediums forever and go hide behind one’s old 1990s Yellow Pages phone directory. Social media and other forms of online communications platforms are predicted to remain viable marketing channels for modern businesses well into the future. The answer for those who need help repairing or maintaining their organization’s online reputation is professional business online reputation management, and here is what they do for companies operating across all industries.

Detect and Monitor Online Reputation

Experts in the field of online reputation management begin their services with a complete assessment of their clients’ business and position in the market. Subsequently, they use commercially available software as well as proprietary tools to do a deep search of the company online. These tools are designed to detect all types of communication about companies, their owners or principal employees. A free tool that is often used by these companies and their clients to quickly check out and monitor a company’s online reputation is Google Alerts which notifies reputation managers when anyone writes anything about an organization online.

Strengthen Online Profiles

First impressions of a business are often formed by customers when they search for a company online. When a company does not have a sufficient online presence, many prospective customers believe that they are not sufficiently reputable. A business reputation management service can strengthen a company’s online presence by creating profiles on popular platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter. When a business has these social media lines of communication open, they can put their best face forward to prospective customers instead of having them rely solely on weak consumer reviews.

Generate and Advertise Brand Defining Content

While most online reputation management companies cannot remove negative feedback (we do!), they know how to create positive content that can overwhelm the negative online comments. Experienced reputation managers understand how search engines operate and can submit their positive content through various services on which search engines place high value. As a result, the positive comments push the negative ones further down on the search engine rankings over time. Besides working with unsatisfied customers to get negative reviews removed from consumer reports websites, advertising a great deal of authentic, positive reviews is a great way to soften the blows caused by negative feedback. A reputation management firm can help companies to create feedback solicitation programs that gets truly satisfied customers to sing the praises of the business both online and in physical locations. Handwritten kudos can be scanned or transcribed to a testimonial page or other online communication medium.


Joining the online community is a double edged sword for medium sized corporations as well as for self employed freelancers. Without internet press many companies would have difficulties attracting clients, but negative reports can quickly sink their businesses. Professional online reputation management consultants can help organizations of all types to monitor their online reputations with the latest data mining tools and to offer effective solutions to repair damaged reputations within the online community.