Maryland Reputation Management

We love Maryland! – Reputation management is best explained by first defining reputation. A reputation is the social evaluation of the general idea of the character of a person or business that is conjured when they are evaluated. Reputation professionals are trained to search for reputation-related information – both positive and negative – and work…

Google results matter

Why Do Your Google Results Matter?

There are many different Internet search engines available, but Google is clearly the dominant force. A recent survey of search engine market shares from Statistica shows that nearly 70% of web users in the U.S. turn to Google first. Across the global scene, that number jumps to 90%. With almost 3 billion Internet users in…

personal reputation management

Why is it so important to proactively monitor your reputation

Whether your reputation is related to your business or personal name, it is important to insure your reputation is carefully managed. Reputation management should be carefully crafted to include details that support the purpose of your business or personal name. For example, a small business that has developed a less than stellar reputation for prompt…